12 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids In Seattle That Are A Blast!

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The best birthday party your kids dream of isn’t always about blowing candles out of your home kitchen or a chocolate cake that takes you a whole day to make.

Let’s do something different this time! Start with your budget, ask your kids how they want their party to be, round up the guest list, and pick the right venue. beeswax birthday candle

12 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids In Seattle That Are A Blast!

It’s better if the venue comes with a theme, perhaps some games, music, lots of confetti, and free-flow beverages.

The emerald city of Seattle is no short of birthday venues for your little ones. In this article, we’ll round up the 12 best birthday party ideas for kids in Seattle you may not know.

Note: Rates and details may subject to change. Please refer to the business’ website for most up-to-date details.

Let your kids’ party splash in colorful and immersive art. Book a 2-hour party with Roaring Mouse Creative Art Studio and fill the most important day of their year with creative juice.

Roaring Mouse will set up everything for you based on the theme you choose and turn the party into an art-filled paradise. The space is broken down into 2 sections, an art studio and a game room with toys and musical instruments.

Arrive 15 minutes before show time to set up decorations and get the ball rolling. Once the kids arrive, they’ll have a warm-up time exploring all those trinkets and knick knacks in the playroom before moving on to the project table.

Over there, the coordinators will let the kids engage in one of the art materials. They can choose from painting, drawing, collaging, and sculpting.

Free flows of cakes and beverages keep coming in to feed those hungry stomachs and minds.

Address: 7526 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

Transforming from a lego cafe to a themed event rental space, Wunderkind promises a fun-filled birthday party for your kids as they work on their imagination with those colorful little building blocks.

Wunderkind is a household name in Bryant for local families with kids. It’s always flooded with junior builders and engineers with their tiny hands busy making the first masterpieces of their life.

An endless supply of Lego or Duplo blocks are fully stocked to keep your little ones occupied for the first hour. Then there are another 30 minutes to stock up those hungry stomachs with parent-supplied treats and refreshments. Outside food is welcomed but beverages must be bought on-site.

Wunderkind has both Free-build and Custom Theme Guided Build on offer. The party is hosted indoors but there’s also an outdoor deck to unwind.

At the end of the party, you can take pictures of those castles, Minecraft, and towers but all finished products must stay at Wunderkind.

Address: 3318 NE 55th St, Seattle, WA, United States, Washington

Tired of indoor parties? How about setting out to the water and throwing a party your kids never forget on a pirate ship?

Let your juniors turn into Jack Sparrow for a few hours while celebrating their birthday party with Seattle’s proudest offers: glorious sunshine and water activities.

Emerald City Pirates take you to the sun-kissed water out of Lake Union where a custom-built 50-foot pirate ship is docked. Book ahead with the private charter for your own group of up to 47 pirates on board.

The entertaining team will stun your kids with special treatment such as the Pirate Pak and pirate hat. Even better, they will be taken to a bridge on the ship where the Captain is waiting in his cabin.

At the end of the day, each kid will go home with a share of treasure from the ship’s treasure chest.

Address: 860 Terry Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109

Let their smiles, laughter, and perhaps some sweats rule the day as the birthday party begins at one of the largest indoor playgrounds in all of Washington, Funtastic Playtorium.

Put their socks on and engage in proponents of active play with jungle gyms, climbing walls, swings, rope climbers, and slides. Unleash their inner athletes and turn the parties into the most social event your kids can share with friends, plus some great exercises too.

The parties accommodate kids from 1 to 10 years old with 3 packages available ranging from weekday, weekend, to private. The first 2 options are limited to 1 hour and 15 minutes while the private package has no time limit at all. On top of that, you will have a dedicated party host to watch over the party as well as decorations and clean up afterward.

Address: 4077 Factoria Square Mall SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

Keep the party rolling as your kids roll on their skates at Southgate Roller Rink. You can sign up for the Pizza Party with skate rentals, fruits, and Full Tilt ice cream included. This package fits a small group of up to 15 people. This option doesn’t allow outside food or beverage.

Alternatively, you can also have it private at an extra rate if your group reaches 45 people. This package lets you bring outside food during private events but not alcohol is allowed. However, there is an on-site full bar for adults to check out.

Southgate Roller Rink is run by some of the most dedicated staff in Seattle. The rinks are perfectly kept and there are always awesome tunes added to the atmosphere.

You will be stunned to know that they also set up a live band sprucing up the night in the middle of the skating rink.

Address: 9646 17th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106.

WhirlyBall offers some of the most unique birthday party ideas for kids in Seattle. Just in case your kids wonder what whirlyball is, tell them it’s a combination of basketball and lacrosse – but instead of their feet squeaking on the floor, they’ll be sitting in bumper cars.

Unleash that competitive energy and refill the dehydration with lots of laughter. This well-established sports center in Seattle offers a 1-hour and 1.5-hour court time package. Each comes with your choice of pizzas and bottomless non-alcoholic fountain drinks for the kids.

Even better, the team at WhirlyBall can customize your kids’ favorite cake if you like. Tag them along and let them pick the type of cake, filling, and icing that their taste bud desires.

A birthday party cannot go without candles, balloons, seating setup, and confetti. Talk to WhirlyBall and tell them exactly what you need for the big day ahead!

Have a blast at one of the latest entertaining hubs nestled right on the bank of Elliott Bay. Outer Space is a space-themed birthday venue where your kids can release their wild exploration with friends and loved ones within a 2-hour window.

The private birthday party will turn into a massive playground bursting with pops of yellow from the custom 3-level play structure. Kids from 3 to 12 years old are welcome to immerse in their learn-based playdate under your watchful eyes. You can look over your kids while kicking back at one of the cafe tables.

For those kids preferring to spend time somewhere quieter with lots of reading involved, take them to the sensory room right around the corner of the playroom to check out the soft toys and space-themed books.

The private party package includes everything from seating setup and post-party clean-up but not decorations. Outside food is totally welcome but just make sure none of those contain nuts and alcohol. All parties are advised to be reserved beforehand.

Address: 2820 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116.

Ever imagined a hassle-free birthday party where all you need to bring are your kiddos and a cake? Well, this 8,500-square-foot indoor space is about to have you in awe.

PlayDate SEA takes over 3 stories with 2 immersive dance floors and a ball cannon area.

When you book ahead with PlayDate SEA, you will have an hour and a 45-minute private party that hosts up to 25 people. If you plan to have more kids coming, opt for the double room option.

One of the best experiences about blasting off at PlayDate SEA is working with the planning team. What they do is provide you with a painless bash by offering all the details you need for the big date. There are name tags to keep track of your little ones, hand-painted and underwater-themed murals, eating utensils, balloons, candles, and your favorite food and drinks.

No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the party room but birthday cakes. However, if you have any special requests adjusting your meal preferences, talk to the planners and they will accommodate all your needs.

Address: 1275 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109.

If you’re wondering what the best way to max out a fully entertaining party is, let arcade games and artisan ice creams do the talking.

Kids love ice cream, and there’s no better way to fulfill their big day than an endless flow of sweets and frozen desserts at Full Tilt. This Seattle staple is known for using locally sourced and natural ingredients in the making and drizzling it with lots of love.

Full Tilt lets your little ones choose their base flavors and top them up with creative mix-ins. Vegan and lactose-intolerant options are also available to make sure everyone can have the taste they crave.

The party is bookable ahead with a 2-hour option and can accommodate up to 16 people. Meanwhile, you can hang with other parents sipping on beers and ciders on-site so you don’t have to bring outside beverages along.

Now if you’re wondering how big of an arcade game is, be prepared to blast off with 13 pinball machines and 7 arcade games. All of those take about 50 to 75 cents to play.

The party package includes compostable and recyclable utensils. Alternatively, you can also bring your own but make sure they agree to Full Tilt’s eco-friendly policy or should be removed completely from the premises at the end of the party.

Address: -9629 16th Ave SW‎ Seattle, WA 98106 -5041 Rainier Ave S‎, Seattle, WA -5453 Leary Ave NW‎, Seattle, WA

Take your kids’ birthday party to a whole new level by letting them take on a new creative hobby and teaching them why sustainability matters. Book a private party at the lodge of Seattle ReCreative, an artsy learning center with a model for environmental stewardship.

Kids from 4 and above can spend 90 minutes taking on their favorite art activity such as making jewelry, crowns, books, cardboard marble, creating a fairy garden, building robots, or crafting a puppet friend. All of those activities utilize recycled materials.

The available package accommodates up to 10 kids and adults of 35-person max occupancy. You will have 2 Seattle ReCreative instructors coming in to assist the kids during the party.

At the end of the day, they will go home with a huge goodie bag chock full of assorted craft supplies. Bring food and drinks with you as they won’t be included in the package.

Address: 8408 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Giraffes, roses, and cakes! Take the party to the great outdoors with a trip to Woodland Park Zoo. This is one of the best places to visit in Seattle for nature lovers. There are 19 gorgeous locations scattered throughout 92 acres.

Pick the best location based on the theme you’re looking for, including an African Village, Banyan Wolds, Carousel, Historic Rose Garden, and many more.

These curated event venues open a door to a whole new world steeped in a fairytale-like atmosphere your kids have always dreamed of. On top of that, the event caterer is there to consult you with the best selection of food and beverages to keep your guests energized for the wild and fun activities.

By hosting at Woodland Park Zoo, your little ones are guaranteed some of the most meaningful days to incorporate an educational tournament while having a blast with their fellows.

Address: 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103.

Contact Bramble & Wood events website to pick the right venue and be informed of the accurate price.

Nate brings astonishing acts and engaging magic tricks to take your kids’ party to a whole new level. Believe it or not, Nate has been performing magic professionally since he was 14, and now he’s gonna bring his funny and impressive tricks to your house.

What you need is an indoor space and a 45-minute window so Nate can make the most of it. This is because outdoor space can be a little bit tricky due to noise and sun exposure. Ideally, a living room fits the bill. Nate will be there before the show starts to help set up a few things if you need.

Even better, Nate also brings some balloon animals for each kid to engage in during the show. And tell your birthday boy or girl to get ready because Nate will bring him or her on stage to be the star of the show.

If this is your first time working with Nate, he would advise you to get the magic show at least half an hour before the party begins. Kids can sit on the floor. Plus, all food, beverages, and cakes should be saved for later when the show comes to an end.

12 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids In Seattle That Are A Blast!

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