Chunke Best Water Softener for Water Purifier

Product Description Water softener filterIon exchange resin is used in water softening system for Ca+,Mg+ and othercation exchange .To prevent undissolved salt from depositing in the surface of revers

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Product Description

Water softener filter

Ion exchange resin is used in water softening system for Ca+,Mg+ and othercation exchange .

To prevent undissolved salt from depositing in the surface of reverse osmosis membrane ,the resin which ensures well permeable ability of membrane module after it works a long time and extends lifetime of membranes ,enhances quality stability of ro purified water . 

Water softener is vertical structure which use frp material , produced as vessel standard, designed pressure for 8kg/cm2 that American auto valve is used for full-automatic salt regeneration .



Properties and charateristics 

Adopting high-performance multi-way valve or PLC or America AUTO valve and FLECk auto-control valve to control. With first-class design and craft, water softening, regeneration each other automatically.

Notice for wate softener

Hardness for raw water: Choosing water softener as table below when hardness of raw water is less than 6mmol/L. Output water from water softening system should be less than 0.03mmol/L 

Working pressure: 0.2-0.5Mpa

Turbidity of inlet water: <5

Working power: 220v

Operation rate: 20-30m/h
Chunke Best Water Softener for Water Purifier
Chunke Best Water Softener for Water Purifier

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Chunke Best Water Softener for Water Purifier

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