5 Stages Cabinet Household RO Water Purifier/Water Filter/Water Treatment

Inline RO machine with hot water and normal waterwith hot water and normal water,Hot water tank capacity: 1.5LNormal water tank capacity: 5LRated total water capacity: 283 liters / dayHydraulic pressure: 0.1-0.4MpaTotal water storage: 6.5LRated power: 580W-600WRO membrane:1812-75G(color: red, gold, black)1, all series are using

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Inline RO machine with hot water and normal water
with hot water and normal water,Hot water tank capacity: 1.5L
Normal water tank capacity: 5L
Rated total water capacity: 283 liters / day
Hydraulic pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa
Total water storage: 6.5L
Rated power: 580W-600W
RO membrane:1812-75G
(color: red, gold, black)

1, all series are using toughened glass panel, the middle water outlet and a water receiving box design, beautiful fashion. The panel and the base adopts strong magnetic pull buckle design, humanized design, installation and maintenance more convenient.
2, the use of food grade polypropylene built-in water tank, drinking water safety is guaranteed; no need to install the pressure tank, saving space installation and maintenance is convenient and can reduce the fault point.
3, fast water, waste water discharge, energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable. Using filtration technology to filter the multi-level filter, reverse osmosis filter to protect the health and safety of drinking water.
4, water storage tank, using food grade 304 stainless steel and hot water producing ability, without waiting for people to drink. The double floating ball control level of the water tank is controlled to prevent overflow of water and has the function of preventing and stopping the water overflow.
5, the product in addition to the middle water outlet of the water can be discharged bottom also design 4 in charge of thread drain interface, convenient user self switching faucet.
6, the power cord and socket used in line with the IEC standard product word flat three socket, socket with an insurance tube and the power switch with indicator light, whether the power is clear, safe electricity is more secure.
7, the transformer and the booster pump are connected by wire connector type connector and customer service is more convenient.
The computer program automatically controls the washing RO film, increasing the service life of the RO film. Double float switch automatic on-off heating function, prevent dry burning hot container (type B/C/D).
Touch button control function, convenient and easy to operate; child lock function, caring for children more caring (B/C/D type).
LED display, running status display clear, clear, filter replacement smart tips (C/D type).

5 Stages Cabinet Household RO Water Purifier/Water Filter/Water Treatment

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