Will restaurants and food manufacturers eventually recycle their water?

2021-11-29 04:33:12 By : Ms. Anna Yang

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Vancouver, British Columbia, November 19, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Demizine Technology today announced the launch of a self-contained, self-contained recycling water tank that can reduce water consumption by up to 90%. This device, called The Endless Sink®, is a unique commercial sink that requires no plumbing or wastewater connection-ideal for businesses that need to own a kitchen right away. 

Endless Sink® includes a built-in grease trap, solids separator and seven-stage filtration in a pre-assembled, ready-to-use system. It uses a proprietary water storage and treatment system to continuously recover and clean the internal water supply in a closed loop manner. The sink was manufactured in cooperation with UK-based Klimate Labs Ltd, a company that develops climate mitigation solutions.

Matthew Roberts of Klimate Labs said: "Our customers are in financial trouble not only because of the Covid pandemic, but also because of the regulatory waiting time." "These customers need to be able to set up a kitchen or pop-up store without having to wait for five. Months of approval and qualified plumbers appeared. This product solves these two problems, reduces water consumption, and can effectively remove solids for composting." 

Decentralization is part of the new climate technology revolution, in which individual companies can control their environmental footprint without waiting for the government.

"Usually, companies find that the transition to clean climate technology is complicated and expensive, but here, we have a single solution that not only solves the problem, but also reduces time, effort and space without the need to hire plumbers, No landlord’s approval is required because it’s mobile, plug it in and you can do business," Roberts said. "The use cases are wide ranging, from more obvious stakeholders such as restaurants, to less obvious stakeholders such as organic farmers and small food manufacturers, to fish processors. Almost every industry that involves food needs a sink. "

Endless Sink® has a customizable basin configuration, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for ease of use, the entire water tank and filter system can be disassembled for transportation and cleaning. With unparalleled features, its water purification system collects and separates waste water from oil, then filters and purifies the water, ready for reuse. The price of stainless steel or white starts at US$5,455.

About Demizine Technology Demizine Technology is a green technology company headquartered in Canada. It has created a breakthrough clean technology water and septic tank system, saving a lot of water and energy for businesses and individuals. By leveraging the power of decentralization, Demizine Technology enables individuals to live and work anytime, anywhere. 

About Klimate Labs Klimate Labs is a UK-based company that creates, consults and invests in climate mitigation technologies by developing solutions based on innovative and practical hardware. Klimate Labs is committed to supporting a resilient, sustainable and independent life.

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