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2021-11-29 03:44:57 By : Mr. Leo Li

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Editor's note: Berkey Filters' Black Friday promotion will continue until December 2, 2021. Although Big Berkey is not included, you can purchase accessories. (12% discount for non-sale items-Hello, Big Berkey!-Use code HOLIDAY2021 at checkout.)

When I noticed green fluffy things floating around the gallon water filter we placed in the refrigerator, I knew it was time to upgrade. Although it is said that there is Grade A tap water in New York City (they say this is why bagels are so perfect), as a breastfeeding mother, I am more careful about what I drink (well, wayyyy) these days. So, when I found a statue-like stainless steel in my friend’s kitchen... a big barrel(?)... a drum(?)... a small barrel(?), I Begged, "What is that?" 

Her response? Big Burke.

Without my knowledge, I stumbled upon a brand that is popular among off-grid survivalists and urban residents. A few weeks later, I had my own Big Berkey. This is my comment.

Big Berkey is a 2.25 gallon option for the Berkey water filtration system. It consists of two stackable chambers. The top chamber contains two Black Berkey elements-basically two long rods-according to Berkey Filters, they "have been tested to remove 203 common contaminants in drinking water, including viruses (99.999%), Pathogenic bacteria (99.9999%), chloramines (below the laboratory detection limit), trihalomethanes (99.8%), drugs (99.9%), pesticides (below the laboratory detection limit), heavy metals, etc. The bottom chamber is where all (almost) pathogen-free water settles. 

The overall promise is that one person *can* take dirty pond water, pass it through Berkey and drink it safely (though they do not recommend this), and I am not really ready for the challenge. None of this requires installing anything in your faucet or plumbing, which is why people who travel in RVs, live off-grid or prepare for the end have a special place in their hearts for Berkey. It is heavy, but you can take it with you if you need it.

The price is also quite high. Big Berkey is priced at US$317, which is of course an investment. But if you break down the cost per gallon, if you drink a lot of water, it's worth it. Two filters are equivalent to 6,000 gallons of water. That is...a lot of water. Berkey recommends that you replace the filter every two to five years (a set of two replacement filters costs US$148), not your Brita, which needs to be replaced more frequently-honestly...if you remember this Do it.

Although the filters do require some maintenance, which may require more hands-on operation than the water filters you buy in the store (clean them every once in a while and start them when you use them for the first time), for me, This seems to be a fair deal-leave.   

Since I don't think I will be off the grid in the near future (let alone go camping), my Big Berkey has been sitting beautifully on my kitchen counter. It is undeniable that in an apartment in New York City, Big Berkey occupies some major real estate. Not to mention, it is 21 inches tall. Unless you have a large room or a walk-in pantry, anyone who walks into your kitchen will comment, “What is that?” So if you don’t wholeheartedly see in 24/7 peripheral vision Something that looks like a tin man, then this may not be for you. I personally like its appearance-it has the Brooklyn aesthetic of the Catskills. Some people might call it camping chic. Others might think this is cosplay in the Wizard of Oz.

It's also a bit... slow. In order to meet the water demand of my house, we basically have to fill the top chamber every time we take water. Although it feels cumbersome at first, it just becomes part of your daily work, allowing you to better understand how much water you consume.

Yes. Put your hand down, yes. The taste of purified water is softer and rounder without any aftertaste. When I drink city water, it gives me peace of mind, and I know it will be the first thing I carry with me at the end of the world. Dirty pool water, here I am. 

Try it yourself ($317) PS: 12% discount for non-sale items, please use code: HOLIDAY2021

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